Home Away from Home京町家で暮らしてみる

Traveling overseas is a big investment in time and money and is also part of your life. We have a passion for making your stay in Kyoto/Japan as successful and memorable and meaningful as possible by providing:

  • Prior information on the house and the local to help you make a wise decision on accommodation (wherever you end up staying) and to set you ready for best getting around in and outside the house from DAY 1
  • Comfort and convenience to get you best experience what “living in Kyoto” looks like (and not just a fancy and traditional old wooden “box” to sleep in). We look forward to hearing from and discussing with you!

旅先のがらんとした特別な滞在先ではなく、家にいるようになんでも揃っていてなんでもできる便利で快適、でも普段の雑然とした日常感からは離れて過ごせる上質な空間、一歩外に出ればそこは普段の京都が広がっている・・・ そんな空間を1000年の古都で提供したいという思いから、1日1組限定の京町家一棟貸し宿泊施設が誕生しました

  • ひとつは鴨川も近い西陣の路地奥にひっそり、こじんまり佇む、坪庭とアイランドキッチンのある築100年の家
  • もうひとつは観光にも生活にも便利な京都の穴場、西院駅近くにある、大きな吹き抜けとウッドデッキもある家

Information お知らせ

“Your Pavilion near Kinkakuji” and “My Pavilion to Arashiyama & Gion” launched a homepage
The host of "Your Pavilion near Kinkakuji" and “My Pavilion to Arashiyama & Gion” earned AirBnB's "Superhost" in 17 times in a row
Both "Your Pavilion near Kinkakuji" and “My Pavilion to Arashiyama & Gion” earned the 2018 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor
大徳寺北側清寂の家および京都西院料理好きの家がそれぞれトリップアドバイザーより「Certificate of Excellence 2018(エクセレンス認証)」を受賞いたしました

Media メディア実績

  • 2018.07
    “My Pavilion to Arashiyama & Gion” was reported on “Journal de 20 Heures”, a France2 TV news program
  • 2015.07
    “Your Pavilion near Kinkakuji” was reported on a TV Osaka news program

Other uses of the Kyo-mahiya Pavilions 京町家の宿泊以外の目的でのご利用

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in using the house as photo studio or cooking lesson